Seefeld in Tyrol

PawLuxe Grooming Studio in Seefeld

Welcome to Landhaus Waidmannsheil vacation apartments!

We are pleased to announce a very special addition starting October: Our own facility for four-legged friends, the “PawLuxe Grooming Studio by Silke”. Silke is a certified dog stylist with years of experience and a keen sense for the well-being of our furry guests.

Our Services

At PawLuxe Grooming Studio by Silke, everything revolves around the well-being and beauty of your beloved dogs. Our services include a wide range of offerings to ensure your four-legged friend feels completely comfortable during their stay with us:

Brushing and Detangling

We ensure that your dog's fur is always silky, smooth, and free of tangles.

Bathing and Blow-drying

A relaxing bath and gentle blow-drying not only ensure cleanliness but also leave your pet's fur fluffy and fragrant.

Mud Bath

Our special highlight - a mud bath that is not only beneficial for your dog's skin and fur but also leaves a pleasant scent that you'll appreciate too.

Trimming, Scissoring, and Thinning

Our experienced team customizes your dog's haircut individually, taking into account their fur texture, breed standards, or your personal preferences.


For breeds that require regular trimming, we are well-equipped to keep their fur in optimal shape.

Ear Care

Clean ears are important for your dog's well-being. We take care of cleaning and maintaining their ears.

Nail Trimming

We keep your dog's nails in top shape to ensure healthy paws and a safe gait.

Brushing Teeth

Healthy teeth are key to a happy dog's life. We take care of your pet's dental hygiene.

Tick Removal

In our region, ticks unfortunately are a reality. We are prepared to safely remove these annoying pests.

PawLuxe Grooming Studio in Tyrol

At PawLuxe Grooming Studio by Silke, we prioritize not only beauty but also the well-being and health of your dogs. We emphasize caring attention and a relaxed atmosphere to ensure your loyal companion feels comfortable with us.

Let your dog indulge in our PawLuxe by Silke salon while you relax in our cozy vacation apartments. We look forward to welcoming you and your four-legged friends soon at Landhaus Waidmannsheil!